Why Pres. Buhari Should Implement Wike's Advice on How to End the Biafra Agitations in South East

The security challenges in the South East appear to have worsened in the last few years as agitation for Biafra intensifies.

The anger and anarchy in the region have been fuelled by the allegation of marginalisation and political exclusion levelled against the Federal government.

Though the Federal government led by President Muhammadu Buhari has made frantic efforts to end the crisis by using force, not much has been achieved. Earlier in the years, a major crackdown was launched against Indigenous People of Biafra, but it appears like the more the crackdown, the more fire-up the militants become.

But River State Governor Nyesom Wike recently waded into the matter and admonished President Muhammadu Buhari to adopt a new approach by inviting the various stakeholders in the region for a summit, and this must include the aggrieved parties. He noted that the meeting should be .......>>>>>>>

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