Why I Disagree With Blessing CEO On What She Told Married Ladies To Do When They Are Caught Cheating

 Okoro who is popularly known by her Fans as Blessing CEO is a certified relationship counselor and a mental health expert. I have been one of her ardent Fans for a while now on Instagram. She has been giving whole lot of sound advice on relationship related issues which I completely agreed with in the past except for the one she gave to married ladies on the subject matter of cheating some hours ago on her Instagram handle.

According to her, she said thus, "As a woman if you ever cheat and get caught go. Go with your dignity".

The advice was produced from the story of a 27-year old married lady who cheated on her husband once. According to the details of the story, the lady cried out because of the kind of pains and depression she is having in her marriage. She admitted to have cheated on the hubby 3 years ago and she was caught in.....>>>>>>>>

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