They Claimed That Insecurity Is Forcing Them To Borrow More Money - Shehu Sani Said

Shehu Sani, who is a Nigerian senator, an author, playwright, and a human rights activist, has taken to his official Twitter handle to claim that the government are using the issue of insecurity as a platform to back up their reason for borrowing money.

While sharing on his official Twitter handle, the President of the Civil Rights Congress of Nigeria, Shehu Sani said, "They said insecurity is forcing them to borrow more, they said insecurity is responsible for the crash of the Naira".

Shehu Sani is one of the Nigerian social media activist I know that speaks when his voice is needed, he speaks the truth no matter the situation he finds himself in.

However, this particular statement made by Shehu Sani has attracted a lot of attention as many Nigerians took to the comment box to share their thoughts. The majority is of the view that the federal government should ensure that the money they are borrowing should be use for the good of the country.

What is your view on this?.

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