The Killing of Chioma And Burning of Joe's House are 2 Reasons Igbos Shouldn't Support Unknown Gunmen (Video)

Most Nigerians can still recall that a video of some Igbos hailing the unknown Gunmen went viral some days ago. In this video, some armed men who are suspected to be among the unknown Gunmen, were walking on the streets and some South east Citizens were hailing these men.

This video really caused a lot of reactions online and many wondered why anyone would support such a group that has caused a lot of havoc in the South East and Nigeria at large. For those of you that will like to watch this video, click on the link provided below.

In my opinion, I think these two things should make the Igbos fight against the Unknown gunmen rather than supporting them.

The burning of Joe Igbokwe's house: I think the burning of Joe Igbokwe's house by Unknown Gunmen is a good reason why.....>>>>>

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