See The Igbo Town That Is Ruled By A Muslim King

HRH Abdul-Fatai Chima Emetumah 111

Many Nigerians will be surprised to know that there is a community in the Igbo land that is ruled by a Muslim king.

This is because many people believe that the religion practiced in Nigeria is a regionally oriented belief, i.e., there are some places where the majority of the people are mostly Muslims, and vice versa in Nigeria. 

This is certainly true in those regards. The predominant religion that is practiced prevalently in the Eastern part of Nigeria is Christianity, while Muslims dominate the Northern part. Still, it is arguable that no matter the prevalence of the religious practice in a region, one will still see people practicing other religions. That is why this article will serve as an eye-opener for people who have not heard about the Igbo community that is ruled by a Muslim King.......>>>>

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