I'm Pained: My Mom is Cheating on My Dad And She’s Not Hiding It From Me- Lady Laments

My father had an accident a day after I completed JHS. He lost one leg and now uses crutches. Before the accident, he and my mother didn’t have the best of relationship but they always had a way of ironing their differences. They are not the kind of couple who will sit and talk and laugh and make jokes.

 My dad was always straight to the point. My mom was always at her side of the house. I was the one they were tossing around. When they had a fight and they were not talking, I was the one they used as their medium of communication. Dad will say, “Go and ask your mother where he placed my trousers.” Mom will say, “Tell your dad I don’t wear his trousers with him, I remember one day I found my mom.....>>>>

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