I'm Heartbroken: My Wife Have Been Sleeping With My Twin Brother For 3years- Man Cry Out

ONE man has been left utterly fuming after discovering his wife has been having an affair for three years - with none other than his twin brother.

Stating that he had "absolute trust" in both his wife and twin prior to this discovery, the man said: "I have no brother at this point."

The man discovered the affair was going on for over three years
Taking to Reddit to air his frustration, the man said he found out about the three-year affair two weeks ago and since then it has torn him and the family apart.

He said: "I never imagined the two people I was closest to in this world would do something so vile and destructive. 6 families are destroyed, my mother other siblings are caught in the middle, I can't imagine what they are feeling. My wife's family is......>>>>>

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