"I Have 3Kids, I Lied To My Man I Don't Have Kids And Has Engaged Me, What Should I Do?" Lady Pleads

On Wednesday, September 15, The Standard received, on Facebook inbox, a relationship dilemma from one of its readers. We sample some of the advice shared by Kenyans, and also an expert’s opinion on how the reader can come out of the confusing situation.

Every Wednesday mid-morning, The Standard publishes on its verified Facebook page (Standard Digital) a relationship dilemma sent to us via our Facebook inbox.

If in need of relationship advice – from an expert, or are seeking to get Kenyans’ opinions on a certain confusing relationship situation – send us a message via Facebook, with the title ‘Relationship Advice’, and we will escalate the message to appropriate respondents. We guarantee you dignity by hiding details that could lead to your identity being known or exposed.

Hi, my name is Mary.

I'm 31 years old. I live and work in Mombasa. I first conceived when I was 17 years old. I was in Form Four at the time. I got pregnant again when I was 23, and for the third time four years ago. My children, who have been sired by three different fathers, are aged 14, 8 and 4. I love them so much. They're living with my parents upcountry. About two years ago, I met.....>>>>

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