A Man Lost His Job After Mocking His Wife For Doing This-Rev. Uma Ukpai Reveals (Video)

The Christian Leader of Uma Ukpai Evangelistic Association (UUEA), Reverend Dr. Uma Ukpai in a video shared on YouTube, revealed what happened to a man who mocked his wife because of the way she falls under the anointing during service.

The Christian Leader shared this short story to admonish his members that those who mock God have nothing to live for because they are trying to deprive the Maker of his Glory. While making reference to Psalm 1:1 he said, you should have no business with those who mock God.

Rev. Dr. Uma Ukpai from the video: "There was a bank manager in Uyo who used to mock his wife saying, 'you go there and fall under the anointing like a stupid girl.' He called his wife names for that. Do you know that the next day......>>>>>>

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