3 Reasons Why Liquorose Broke Down In Tears After Their Party Last Night

BBNaija Shine Ya Eye finalists had their last Saturday party last night together with their colleagues who have been evicted. The party lasted for about 2 hours before the top 6 were instructed to vacate the party arena and move into the house. 

On getting to the house, the housemates realized that Liquorose was drunk. She was acting in a weird way, so Emmanuel and White Money carried her to the head of house lounge to rest. Shortly after that, Liquorose was seen crying profusely. 

Liquorose crying in the hoh lounge

She started crying and lamenting in front of the mirror. Emmanuel was right there listening to her as he tried to comfort her. Many people may be wondering why Liquorose was crying after they left the party. From my observation, here are three reasons why Liquorose broke down in tears after the party:.....>>>>>>

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