Woman Invites Another Man to Satisfy Her in The Morning When Her husband Had Left For Work

A man of 48 years has been detained by police officers in Manyara Province after he allegedly killed a 25-year-old man named Michael Jackson for sleeping with his 22-year-old wife Habida Saidi. Samwel Alfred is said to have killed the invader of his territories by cutting him severally with a panga he was holding in his arms.

The police commander in the Manyara area Merrison Mwakyoma said that the incident took place in the morning hours of Wednesday 8th September 2021. 

Alfred left his wife claiming that he was going to fetch firewood, it was around 10 a.m, he left his wife at home because she was still in bed enjoying the morning dream. Immediately Alfred left the house, the wife made a call inviting Jackson to satisfy her at her place.

With no hesitation, Alfred quickly joined a married wife for an action, they chose to do the act under the cowshed since she felt unsafe to do it inside the house. They began their session not knowing that the unseen husband had planned to trap her. The man then showed himself and caught the two enjoying their session, he immediately.... Check Out More Details...n.

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