Why is Umahi Always Siding with the Northern Governors on Important Issues Like VAT And Open Grazing?

Ebonyi State Governor has become one of the most vocal politicians under this political dispensation. He is always in the news for one reason or the other as he never shies away from wading into important matters.

And of late, he is becoming known for taking unpopular decisions that are contrary to the preferences of his Governor colleagues in the South. Umahi more often than none stands with the Northern Governors of key national issues that bother security and fiscal federalism. 

For example, on the issue of banning open grazing, which was agreed to by the Southern Governors Forum, he is one of the Governors that has refused to take any action. Long after the September 1, 2021, deadline for the establishment of Anti-Open Grazing legislation, Ebonyi does not even have a bill, let alone law.

And the Governor is yet to give any public explanation on why his state doesn’t have an anti-open grazing bill.

Also on the matter of allowing states to collect VAT, he stands firmly against the decision. He has insisted, just like most of his Northern colleagues, that VAT should be the responsibility of the Federal Inland Revenue Service. So, why is Governor Umahi always siding with the North on key national issues?, Could it be that Governor Umahi is being... Advance Reading For More Details..F

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