Why Igbo leaders should visit Arthur Eze to find out his health status

There is this adage that says the city doesn’t own itself, that there are those who own the city. In the South East, and by extension, to Nigeria at large, there are powerful personalities that the people can’t do without, and such people are the leaders of the nation, even though sometimes they don’t occupy any political office.

Chief engineer Arthur Eze is a national figure that you can’t rule out on issues bordering on development, entrepreneurship, and philanthropy, etc. On numerous occasions when the FG has required financial assistance from the general public and institutions, people like Arthur Eze have always been at the forefront, donating billions of naira to the FG. The state level, the Igbo billionaire doesn’t withhold his philanthropic arms when the need arises.

The Anambra-born billionaire is a household name in Nigeria. His method of doing good work doesn’t stop at the government level. He is also a lover of the poor. His pattern of giving is in line with Biblical counsel on helping those in need. Recently, an online news report said that the billionaire is... Advance Reading For More Details...a

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