Why Followers Of Late Prophet TB Joshua Should Be Praying For His Wife, Evelyn Joshua

Followers of the late Prophet Temitope Balogun Joshua should endeavour to pray for his wife, Evelyn Joshua, as she takes over as head of the Synagogue Church of All Nations.

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The late Prophet's wife was recently confirmed as the trustee of the Synagogue Church of All Nations, making her the leader of the popular Nigerian church.

However, with her position comes several challenges that the followers of her late husband and members of the church help pray for her to be able to overcome.

As stated above, one of the reasons why the followers of the late Prophet TB Joshua must pray for Evelyn Joshua is the fact that she may be facing many challenges as the new head of SCOAN.

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Being in a leadership position can be very challenging, especially if you are taking over from someone like the late Prophet TB Joshua who had influence and fame across the world.

Certainly, a lot will be expected of the late Prophet TB Joshua's wife and she will need the help of God, through the prayerful intervention of the followers of the late Prophet to meet those expectations.

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Secondly, as a religious leader, the late Prophet TB Joshua faced a lot of scandals and controversies which he overcame with the help of God.

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As his wife now takes over from him, there are possibilities that she too may face similar trials, and have to deal with controversies that may rock the church.

Consequently, she may be needing the prayers of the church members to be able to deal with and manage those controversies as her husband did, when he was alive.

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Lastly, the Holy Bible enjoins believers to not only expect prayers from their church leaders but to also pray for them.

The Bible records that Paul the Apostle of Jesus Christ, asked the early Christians to pray for him and other leaders of the church on different occasions.

In Romans 15:30-32, Paul gave the Christian brethren some reasons why they should also pray for him, even as he was a leader of the church.

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In the same vein, the followers of the late Prophet TB Joshua must pray for his wife who is taking over him as the new head of SCOAN, for God's guidance and support.

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