Why all northern states should ban sales, rent of lands and houses without government approval

According to reports, Kano State has issued an order that no land or house in the state should be rented or sold-out without the knowledge of area district heads who are representatives of the government. 

This new development in Kano State has generated a lot of mixed reactions and people want to know why the government of Kano state took such a drastic measure.

Governor Abdullahi Ganduje, Kano State.

Why Kano State has not explained the reasons behind the new order, I believe this is not a step to inconvenient or hi-jack the properties of the citizens, it is a step to strengthen security. 

I would like to enlighten everyone on the advantages of this development and why all other northern states should also follow suit by enforcing the order like Kano State. Below are some of the reasons:.......Advance Reading For More Details..b

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