White Money and Queen ignore each other in the Kitchen

The Big Brother Naija Housemates, White Money, and Queen are in some sort of scuffle after having talks on their situation ship last night. Queen made her point clear that she's not ready to share White's friendship with anyone in the house. Her reaction to this is because she felt ignored by the way White moved from her to Jackie B.


Queen and White usually engaged in sweet talks and good harmony in the Kitchen. Unfortunately, this afternoon was tense between the two prospective lover birds. They both ignored each other while they act being busy in the Kitchen.

Well, White has always placed the 90 million prize ahead of any Love affair in the house. He had been entangled with JMK and Maria before they left the house but according to what he told Biggie in his diary section, as an Igbo Man the money is the Priority for him. This relationship drama might not go well with Queen but I think with White Money, this is what he had ever wanted in the house.

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