When You Touch Money That Does Not Belong To You, You Are Cutting Your Life Span - Bishop Oyedepo

Bishop David Oyedepo, the General Overseer of the Living Faith Church Worldwide spoke at International Youth Alive Convention 2021, Impartation Service. According to him, most of the time in impartation services, people wait for the time of prayers or anointing with oil but “the Spirit entered into me while he spake” – Ezekiel 2:2. That goes for only those who are thirsty because every thing about empowerment requires a thirst. "If you are not thirsty, you are not entitled," he said. He said that it is your panting that determines your part. It is your thirsting, that determines your takeaway.

The cleric however revealed that youths are in their age of discovery (1 John 2:14). He then told them to connect with what is happening right now because this is their best season to make discoveries that will define their glorious future.

He revealed that they are in the age of uncovering the greatest things of life and they should take advantage of this so they don’t live in regret. "I got saved at 15 and I consumed Mathew, Mark, Luke and John like a ravenous wolf," He then advised them to stop looking for illegitimate money because it will finish them. A friend came to me and I said.... Advance Reading For More Details.....D

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