When Soldiers Arrived At The Camp Where Major Datong Was Held, They Overpowered The Bandits - Idimah

The Deputy Director, Army Public Relations 1 Division, Nigerian Army, Colonel Ezindu Idimah has opened up on how Major C. L. Datong was rescued from his abductors.

As reported by DailyPost, Idimah confirmed that there was serious exchange of fire between the troops and the bandits, when they got to the camp where Major Datong was held hostage.

In the course of the fire exchange with the troops, the bandits were finally overpowered; giving the troops the room to rescue Major Datong. Though report said the officer sustained minor injury but has been taken the hospital for proper medical attention.

Reports revealed that there were scores of bandits killed by the troops during the operation to rescue Major Datong, In his words, Idimah said: "The troops arrived at.......... Advance Reading For More Details.....T

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