When I Was Poor My Mom Will Call Everyday To Pray For Me, I'm Happy I've Built Her A House -Sirbalo

Popular Instagram comedian, a brand influencer and content creator Sirbalo has taken to his official and verified Instagram account to recount how his mom had always been there for him when he was broke, and had nothing to offer.

The popular comedian took to his official, and verified Instagram account of over 840 thousand to thank his mom for her prayers for him, and also show off the house he built for her.

Below are some photos of Sirbalo:

He told his followers, that when he was still broke and worked in a bar, his mom would always call him every day by 6 a.m and pray for him till 6:30 a.m, he revealed that his mom continually did this until he was blessed by God.

Below are some photos of the house:

in his words, he wrote "just completed an 8 bedroom house for my lovely mother, I remember in 2014 to 2015 when I was a barman, every 6 a.m my mom will call me and pray for me till 6:30 a.m, she will end the prayer with my son one day you will make me proud.

I am so happy that her prayer is working now"

Below are some reactions generated:

The comedian was happy that God has kept him alive today to build a house for his mother, he shared beautiful photos of the house, his post quickly generated lots of reactions, and comments as his fans congratulated him.

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