"What I Did When People Mocked Me Because My Son Was Crippled" -Pastor Uma Ukpai Narrates [Video]

The Spiritual leader of Uma Ukpai Evangelistic Association (UUEA), Reverend Uma Ukpai has shared a story of what he did when people mocked him of his crippled child. The Pastor shared this story to illustrate the power behind songs.

"Songs remains an invitation that God cannot refuse, song will make God come down Himself to fight your battles. What made David a great man before God was his love for songs. Men who long to see His presence shall not go back empty handed. seven times a day David sang songs to God", Rev. Dr. Uma Ukpai said, Pastor Uma Ukpai from 23m into the video: "When they mocked me that my first son was crippled, I said to God what do I do? God instructed me to... Please Continue Reading For More Details.....G

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