We Are Replacing The Name Warri; It Shall Be Called Wado City--- Urhobo Sons And Daughters reveal

We Are Replacing The Name Warri; It Shall Be Called Wado City--- Urhobo Sons And Daughters reveal

Following the recent argument between the Itsekiri and Urhobo people of Delta State over who owns the city of warri and the recent crown of their (Itsekiri) King HRM. Utieyinoritsetsola Emiko--Ogiame Atuwatse lll, the Urhobo Sons and daughters have on their part, changed the name of their territories in warri to Wado City.

Passnews learned from some residents in Udu, Agbasa and other area in the city and they all confirmed it's as a result of 'who owns the city' a fight which has been in existence for some years now between the two major ethnic groups.

Below are some of their social media post and photos:

"A name may sound ordinary, but it is a unique identity. Not only does it identify a person, a place or a thing, it resonates with the bearer.

 In our clime, a name carries a vibration which is unique and it is spiritually powerful.

 Countries all over the world have had a name change to reflect their historical background and show thier identity.

Upper Volta... Burkina Faso

Dahomey..... Benin Republic

Gold Coast..... Ghana

Now let's come home...

Iluelogbo .... Oweh Logbo

Otibio...... Urerigho.

These names are with us today.

People are known to even change their names to reflect their current status... Onajite becomes Enajite, ..... Ediri becomes Ufuoma

Eghenkefe becoming Aghwaritefe....

So when a people becomes no longer comfortable with WARRI and now advocate for a change, it is a well thought out process for change is the only thing that is permanent.

WADO as a city will remove the ambiguity and give the owners THEIR TRUE IDENTIY."

"Do you know the new name of our territories known as Wado City formerly known as Warri is trending tremendously as majority of Urhobos are such much interested in it?

When some Nigerians in the past made a proposal to declare Lagos State a no man's land, Awololo rallied round Yorubas that over his dead body would Lagos be declared a no man's land because Lagos gives the Yoruba race relevancy.

But the same Awololo left his Yoruba of about 1000 kilometers to change the Olu of Itsekiri, the Throne of his first cousins to Olu of Warri when the White man who created the City in Urhobo land refused to name their Olu as Olu of Warri because Urhobo own the land called Warri. Awololo could not stand against Lagos being declared a no man's land only to go to others territories and commit similar crime. Awololo didn't want to lose his identity but wanted others to lose theirs.

 We must change the name Warri and Wado City has come to stay.

We can do it. We don't even need a Government nor any Politicians. With a Billboard in the heart of Warri, it is done and every other abnormality in our territories would fall into the right paths so easily.

We're already there.

Wado City, our City formerly known as Warri is a reality.

#wado #wadocity #Urhobo"

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