Wahala! Lady Resigns From Big Bank Job After Getting Offer in Dubai, Gets There, Company Tells Her No More Vacancy

A young lady, Kimberly Ofori, had to resign from her bank job for another one in Dubai which offered a tax-free salary
Happy that she had something different and better, she went on a one way ticket, only to be informed that that vacancy had been cancelled.

Ofori had to survive on water and noodles to get by, applied for more than 70 jobs until she pulled her life together
A young lady identified as Kimberly Ofori has narrated on LinkedIn how she got stranded in Dubai after travelling to a foreign country in hope of getting a better job.

The lady rejected a promotion she was offered at a bank she used to work for in Amsterdam because she wanted to take up a different job in Dubai.

Many people praised her bravery.
The young lady revealed that she had to survive on water and others. 

So she resigned from the back, packed her pack, and went with a one-way ticket to the United Arab Emirates.

Before making that bold move, the lady had got a job with a housing company that offered a relatively better salary that is tax-free, When she got to the new workplace in Dubai all excited, the director of the company was shocked to.... Advance Reading For More Details...L

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