[Video] See The Sh0cking New Challenge Trending On Social Media, The Crocodile Challenge

These days, many people try to participate in trending challenges even on social media. Some challenges are very risky to participate in them. Most of the time, people tend to accept challenges irrespective of how risky they can be. This can be for fame or a certain prize placed on the challenge.

A lot of trending challenges have been going on these days. One of the trending challenges is the crate challenge. The crate challenge came with a lot of entertainment but the end result was mostly bad. The crate challenge led to a lot of participants falling hard on the ground and hurting themselves. There was news that one man lost his life through this crate challenge. 

There is this new challenge making rounds on social media. This challenge is gradually and would soon overthrow the crate challenge. The new challenge is known as the crocodile challenge.

In this new challenge, participants are made to walk on a small path made from an elongated tree and placed on a crocodile pond, the challenge is very risky as the probability of one losing balance and falling into the crocodile pond is very high., In the video making rounds, you can see... Proceed Reading And Watch Video For More Details

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