Video: Check Out Jackie B's Reaction When She Saw Her Son For The First Time After Her Eviction

Big Brother Naija "Shine Ya Eyes" season 6 reality show 2021 is an entertainment TV show that has helped so many Nigerian youths to showcase their brands for the world to see.

Ever since the reality show started, a lot of people have been entertained and the youths who have been in the TV show are presently enjoying endorsement deals from different companies, while some are Senior Advisers (SA) to their Stats governors.

This may also interest you to know that there are housemates who got into the Big Brother Naija show and maintain themselves without doing anything that will give them bad names. Amongst the disciplined housemates, Jackie B seems to be included.

It's been seven weeks since Jackie B got into the reality show, since then she has not seen her child and her parents. Barely a day after she was evicted from the show, her family surprised her in her hotel and she was very emotional when she saw her son and her beloved mother who embraced and prayed for her.

Her mother was so happy as she believes that her daughter did not disgrace or disappointed her all through her stay in the house.

Do you think Jackie behaved herself when she was still in the big brother's house?

What do you think about her attitude?

Is she the right lady for White Money?

Let's have your thoughts in this regard.

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