VAT: How Northern Elders may have contradicted themselves with recent statement on their population

A couple of weeks ago, the Governor of Rivers State, Governor Nyesome Wike, stirred up reactions after he made remarks on his move to take control of the Value Added Tax VAT being generated in his state.

According to him, this was because of the perceived injustice that is taking place in the system such as in the case where Rivers State generated 15.1 billion naira as taxes in June but was given 4.7 billion naira as allocation, while Kano State generated 2.8 billion naira as tax and was given 2.8 billion naira as allocation.

In response to this, some northern states like Gombe state are of the opinion that the southern states should reconsider their push to keep VAT generated in their states and allow the federal government to continue its allocation of funds. Much of this opinion, perhaps, borders on the fact that some states are not as... Advance Reading For More Details...V

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