Those Who Voted Buhari And Were Ready To Die For Him Are Weeping Now- Sheikh Khalid

Those ready to die for Buhari in 2015 are weeping today because of him —Abuja imam, Sheikh Khalid.

Sheikh Muhammad Nuru Khalid is the Chief Imam, Legislative Quaters, Apo, Abuja. A cleric noted for speaking the truth to the authorities, he speaks, in this interview by Deputy Editor, SALIU GBADAMOSI, on challenges of insecurity in Nigeria, farmers/herders’ issues, crises in Plateau State, among others. Excerpt:

Nigeria is currently facing a lot of security challenges ranging from terrorism and banditry to kidnapping. How do you think the country got to this point?

We moved in the wrong direction for a long time and when we realised that there was trouble, we decided to move in another wrong direction. What I mean by this is that the way we have been managing our differences is wrong. And now that we have realised that we are in trouble, instead of starting attitudinal and behavioural change, we decide to limit our concern to political change. That is what brought us to where we are. If we want to improve our standard, we need total change, and by that, I mean, attitudinal, behavioural and political change.

Would you say politicians have a hand in the problems bedeviling by the country?

Even they affirm it. You find them telling Nigerians from time to time, directly or indirectly, that they are the problem of the country. The ruling party will be accusing the opposition and the opposition will be counter-accusing the ruling party of negligence or directly or indirectly sponsoring or helping insecurity. So, who do we blame? Politicians. They have to come together and change the narrative.

You said in one of your recent sermons that President Muhammadu Buhari met Nigeria a united country and that he should restore it to that state or else he faced the wrath of Allah. Were you saying he was not doing enough to unite and secure the country?

I am not the one saying it. The situation is speaking to everybody in Nigeria. Even the blind can feel it. The common man that was ready to die for him is.... Proceed Reading For More Details

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