think WhiteMoney didn't handle the Queen & JackieB’s situation properly -Cross says.

Cross explains his version of what he thinks happened between WhiteMoney, Queen, and Jackie.

The camera captured Cross in his dairy session with big brother. Cross decided to engage Big brother in a discussion about what transported between Queen, WhiteMoney, and Jackie.

Check out the breakdown of their discussion below.

BB: Is there anything else you would like to discuss with big brother?

Cross: WhiteMoney, Queen, and JackieB’s fallout.

Cross: I think WhiteMoney didn't handle the Queen and JackieB’s situation properly. Because Queen and JackieB are becoming close friends in the house, they are also trying to take the friendship outside of the house. Queen and WhiteMoney are also close, and they tell each other almost everything. Now, WhiteMoney is liking Jackie, definitely, there is going to be a bit of fire. Queen has made her intention clear from the get-go but either WhiteMoney didn't pay attention or he paid attention and decided to do what he did. I understand WhiteMoney too, he wants to be friends with everybody and still play with everybody, since he has not committed himself. But he spends more time and discusses everything with Queen. WhiteMoney is right in his feelings, Queen is also right but WhiteMoney can do better than what he did.

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