They Are Both Over 85 Years Old, Serving Life Sentences In Prison

An investigation into a crime that took place in their village resulted in the conviction of two elderly men from Nakuru County, who are serving a life sentence.

Tom Mungai, 86 years old, and Muriithi Ngari, 89 years old, found themselves in prison as a result of an unexpected court case. Because they were village elders, they were entrusted with the responsibility of hearing and resolving certain cases involving the people in their community.

Elder Tom Mungai had been summoned to hear a case involving his best friend Muriithi Ngari, and he had done so in the course of his official duties. Muriithi was accused of sexually abusing a young girl from their village, and the case was brought to their attention, In addition, when the case was heard, the girl revealed to the elders that... Advance Reading For More Details....g

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