The Tribe In Nigeria Where Women Wear Leaves Instead Of Clothes Out Of Fear

In Adamawa State there is a particular tribe identified as the Koma tribe. They are part of the 7 districts of Ganye Local Government area. 

The people of Koma are in the Atlantika mountains and they also share a border with southern Cameroon. It was in the year 1961 that the Koma people were fully recognized and accepted as Nigerians. This ethnic group known as Koma is a group of people that still dwell in the primitive era.

You would find up to 21 villages where the Koma people live in Cameroon and there are also up to 17 of their villages in Nigeria. Just like any other ethnic group this Koma People have their own special language they speak, the language is identified as.....>>>>> Tap Here For M0re D£tails

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