The Resolutions of Southern Governors' Meeting Might Leave the North Tensed

Politics in Nigeria has always seemed to be a game of players who are never trustworthy. Most ordinary Nigerians have given up on the hope of the country getting better because of the way of life of the politicians. In most cases, Nigerian politicians are too partisan to deliver dividends of democracy to the people. Partiality is the order if the other.

However, the development of new face of synergy amongst the Southern governors must have taken everyone by surprise. No one would imagine there would come a time when the multicultural southern region would come together to have one political voice. This might be like a movie but we are living in it.

The unity of Southern governors did not just start on its own. National/regional insecurity was the catalyst that triggered this unity of the governors.

Some months ago, the barbarism of some foreign Fulani herdsmen became a national threat. What had started as herders-farmers clashes gradually transcended into full-blown pandemonium. The herdsmen, wanting more lands, continued to unleash attacks on their host communities. Thus, the governors have to stand up for their people This prompted the very first meeting of Southern governors in recent time at Asaba, Delta State. The governors agreed on....Advance Reading For More Details...I

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