The Mark On Bandits Leader Forehead, Is a Sign Of Devotion To Islam Or A Camouflage?

To begin with, I would like to commend all the security operatives in Nigeria, including the police and military. Their importance in the country and her security sector cannot be overemphasized. The military, especially has been putting their hands in the dangerous mouth of hungry lions to ensure that those behind banditry, kidnapping and all other criminal offenses are brought to justice. This is handsomely commendable. Therefore, I say, kudos to them all.

Let's talk about Islam a bit before we understand how disgraceful Goma Samaila has been and is to the religion.

All the religious leaders and extremists in Nigeria and most of the Christians and Muslims, devoted and non devoted will agree with me that Christianity and Islam are the most practiced and recognized religions in Nigeria.

Apart from being the most practiced religion in Nigeria, they are known to be from God, not a camouflage of what a true religion looks like.

If you read the holy Bible and study the holy Qur'an, you will agree with me that these two religions do not support evil, not to the extent of banditry, kidnapping and so on.

How is Goma Samaila a disgrace to Islam? You would ask. To start with, take a good look at.......KKeep Reading For More Details..>>>M

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