The common attitude that will lead many Christians to hellfire

The purpose of this article is not to create confusion, but to create a good knowledge about the things of God and the attitude which some Christians depict that are not right.

Many Christian are expects in slandering. They really know how to castigate a fellow Christian because of his/her mistake. And most times they would do this behind the person and later confront the person with smiles and cheerful greetings as if nothing has happened. This is a hypocritic lifestyle. This is an egregious attitude which ought to be corrected in the church. This is slander, hypocrisy, gossip and a very big sin in the sight of God.

Stop castigating your fellow Christian because of his/her sins, but with love and understanding correct him/her if you are in the position to do so because nobody is flawless, even some of the reputable men of God and church leaders have their own flaws.

In churches, many Christians capitulate to the conception that sexual immorality (fornication or adultery) is the worst sin ever. They cast aspersions on people who commit sexual immorality and even condemn them before God judges them, forgetting the fact that they are equally sinners; nobody is perfect. That person you slander today because of his sin could repent tomorrow and inherit the kingdom of God while you die of your slander and backbiting and go to hell.

This anachronistic ideology ought to be obliterated from the mindset of some Christians who practice self righteousness and forsake the knowledge of God. My Bible made me to understand that no sinner will inherit the kingdom of God, that insinuates that the people who committed sexual immorality, murder, stealing and other highly rated sin according to mindset of some Christians will still face equal punishment with those Christians who lie and slander their brethren.

Repent from your sins and obtain mercy from God. May God bless you, Amen!

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