"Thank God I Didn't Kiss Him. He Would Have Used It Against Me" -Queen

BBN Housemate, Queen, said she's very happy not to have kissed evicted Housemate, Boma, during their time together.

Queen made this known during a conversation with Nini and Saga in the kitchen earlier this afternoon.

According to her, Boma is a very petty person and he would have used that against her if it had happened.

She said: "I feel like I am very happy that nothing serious happened between me and Boma. There is nothing to remember about our relationship".

We did not even kiss until our relationship ended. Though, he tried to kiss me on different occasions but I would just drift my mouth away".

After Queen made this controversial statement, Nini asked her if she has ever kissed White Money.

Queen quickly affirmed that she has kissed White Money but wouldn't regret ever doing it.

However, she is very thankful to God that the same thing didn't happen with Boma.

She said: "Of course, I have kissed White Money and there is nothing to regret about that. Thank God I didn't kiss Boma. He would have used it against me".

We all know what actually transpired between Boma and Queen during the early stages of the Show.

I think Queen didn't appreciate how her relationship with Boma played out and that's why she has been looking for every opportunity to talk about it in the House.

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