“Thank God I didn’t go to the House of a Married Woman who Asked me to Come Help her fix her Pc.”

Some years ago a very good customer of mine (a married woman) came to my shop wearing her best smile. "Guess what I got for you" she asked cos sometimes she buys me snacks on her way back from work. She touched my cheek and said "I'd like you to come over and help me configure my laptop." I laughed and replied, "sorry ma I don't know how to configure laptop. Na phone I dey sell." 

"Don't worry, you'll learn when you come. It's just to connect my phone with it so that I can browse. I know you'll find a way when you come" she said again, and I said "I'll think about it" just to make her go away. She smiled, touched my cheek once again and left, I asked my neighbour who'd been watching the drama, "what do you think? Should I go?" and she answered..Advance Reading For More Details..m

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