Sit-At-Home: Why All Southeast Governors Should Adopt Imo, Anambra Government's Position

A few days ago, Imo state residents woke up to realise that some of the banks in the capital city, Owerri, were shut down on the orders of the state government. 

While this was not new owing to the recent sit-at-home order by the outlawed indigenous people of Biafra, IPOB, what made this scenario different was that it was the state government that was enforcing this particular shutdown.

According to Sahara reporters, about 8 banks were affected as impatient residents lined the bank premises waiting for the finance houses to commence operations and attend to them.

It was later reported that the banks were shut down as they had obeyed the sit-at-home order and had failed to open for business the previous day which was a Monday.

Some people had hailed the governor's move saying it is the best way to handle the issue in the region.

Recall the outlawed IPOB had issued a sit-at-home order in the region which has been complied with for some time now. The downturn of this order is that the economic activities of the region are in a downward spiral, a painful incident also happened in Nsukka, Enugu state where...Addvance Reading For More Details...p.

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