Signs of fake love men should not overlook in a relationship

Love is sweet when you meet someone that truly loves you. No matter how rich, tall, cute or handsome you are, no matter how much you love a woman, if she doesn't love you truly, you may be wasting your time with her because there is absolutely nothing you can do to make her to marry you. Even if you force her into marrying you, you may never be happy in that marriage.

hat is a marriage without true love? What is a marriage without happiness. True love brings about happiness in marriage. Money cannot give you the kind of happiness you will receive when you marry a woman who is deeply in love with you.

It is disheartening to know that there are girls who pretend to love their men because of what they have. Such love is called "fake love" and should be discouraged. The sad part is that some men don't know about this. They so much love their women to the extent that they don't doubt their love for them. They will be surprised when they are later abandoned by the women they love.

For you not to fall a victim of fake love, do not overlook these signs in your girlfriend when you are in a relationship.

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1. Busyness.

No girlfriend is too busy for her boyfriend. In fact, a girlfriend who loves her boyfriend dearly will always want to be with him and satisfy his wants.

It is believable that your girlfriend can be busy in some occasions, but repeated complaints of busyness may be a sign of fake love.

In a relationship that is well planed, the lovers have time for everything: time for romance, time for love, time for business or work. As a man, you must have studied your girlfriend to know when she is likely to be busy and when she will be free before you can say that you are in a serious relationship. If you don't know all these, you may need to study her now

If in a situation whereby you should expect your girlfriend to be free and be with you, but she complains of being too busy, but she is not too busy to collect something from you, then her love for you may not be real, but fake. Do not overlook this.

2. Excessive demand of money with no positive contribution to your life or career.

A woman that truly loves you must have something very positive to contribute in your life. It could be money, smart suggestions, solutions to some problems and positive advises. If a woman has nothing positive to contribute in your life or career, but she gets angry when you refuse to give her money, especially when you don't have enough, then she is not truly in love with you.

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It is not a crime for a woman to demand money from her boyfriend, but when it is in excess and if the woman is being inconsiderate, then the love she has for her boyfriend is fake. This is because, a woman who truly loves you will never want to see you regress. Excessive demand of money from a man by his girlfriend can pull him down financially. No woman who is truly in love with you would want you to experience that. When this happens, please do not overlook it.

3. Using romance as an avenue to get money from you.

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Romance is an intimate relationship between two lovers, not an avenue to snatch money from a man. A woman who does this does not love you, she is only interested in your money. That is fake love.

Please, if you notice any of the above signs of fake love in your relationship, do not overlook them.

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