"She Is Making Me Look Like A Bad Person" -White Money

BBN Housemate, White Money, spoke about his current relationship with fellow Housemate, Queen, during a private discussion with Jackie B earlier today.White Money and Queen are not in a good relationship at the moment. Both Housemates started the Show as good friends but it's just shocking to see how things suddenly changed between them.

During a conversation with Jackie B at the lounge earlier today, White Money made it clear that he tried his possible best to make Queen very comfortable in the House.

However, he believes it doesn't make any sense if he decides to get into a romantic relationship with her.

According to White Money, Queen clearly wants to be in a relationship with him but he is not interested in her.

He said everything he did for Queen when he broke up with Boma was just to make her feel comfortable in the House.

White Money reiterated: "I think I have done enough to show that I truly care about her.

However, what I can't do is get into a relationship with her when I am not feeling that type of way for her.

She is a very jealous person and that is putting me in a difficult situation right now. She is making me look like a bad person when all I wanted to do is help her.

White Money's statement proves that he is not romantically interested in Queen. On different occasions, the Nigerian entrepreneur made it known that he is interested in Jackie B.

However, it still remains unclear whether Jackie B is prepared to go into a relationship with White Money.

Is Queen truly making White Money look like a bad person?

I think I agree with White Money on this. Queen is definitely trying to make other Housemates have a different perception about him.

This is the same thing she did to evicted Housemate, Boma, during the early stages of the Show.

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