(RIP) Popular South Korea Pastor David Paul Yonngi Cho is dead

The famous pastor of the world's largest church, David Yonngi Cho has passed away in Seoul, South Korea. Yonngi Cho who was born February 14, 1936 was said to have died at 7:30am local time today, Tuesday. The cause of death is yet to be made public but Cho was over 86 years old at the time of his passing.

Dr Cho together with his late mother-in-law Jasil Choi founded an Assemblies of God church with only 8 people including 3 adults (among which was Pastor Cho himself) and five children. It was an unlikely beginning for a church which grew to become 830,000 members strong!

Dr Cho was recently bereaved of his wife and had been sickly himself but his impact on the world was legendary. Not without his own fair share of criticisms and scandals that is often the lot of Pentecostal pastors, he was a few years ago convicted of being... Advance Reading For More Details..p

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