Reasons why a military coup is now more difficult in Nigeria than in other African Nations

Change Is the only event that every human being must at some point in their lifetime come to terms with.

The force with which change occurs is a testament that the average human mind desire a constant alteration to its living conditions.

This natural force is evident in all spheres of life, dictating proceedings in societal elements like marriage, relationships, friendships and even leadership.

While marriage and relationships bring two or more people together in a union of equal rights, gains and privileges, leadership doesn't offer the same for the parties involved as it usually creates an ecosystem which entails the association of a master and a subordinate.

The steep differences in the privileges that leadership Accord a leader and a follower has made it the most complicated element of the society.

The intricacies of holding on to a leadership position has also made it difficult for change to take place, making almost every transition or transfer of power a bloody process especially in countries where the political atmosphere assumes a monotonous dimension.

It is worthy to note that the last one and half years have seen many forceful transition of power in three African countries with the incumbent being forced to flee the country or made to cool off in prison.

This unfortunate event, which is popularly termed "coup de'tat" is what philosophers refers to as a radical change.

With the instability and the appalling economic condition of Nigeria, some Nigerians who cannot wait till 2023 to witness a change in their fortune have been silently wishing that the same event could unfold in Nigeria. That is, president Buhari should be made to vacate his seat whether he likes it or not, the reasons why this desire cannot be actualized are complex but they can be demystified in the following ways....Proceed Reading For More Details

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