Queen Locked Lips And Danced With Cross But There Would Be Problems If I Do The Same - Whitemoney

BBNaija housemate, Whitemoney has complained to Jaypaul about Queen's attitude towards him. Whitemoney stated that he doesn't want Queen to have only himself as a friend.

Queen had complained to Whitemoney that she is not happy that he is having romantic relationships with Jackie B and JMK.

However, Whitemoney stated that Queen locked lips with Cross in the kitchen and danced with him but there could be problems if he does the same thing.

Whitemoney also stated that Queen also takes things too emotional and it makes her feel offended at little things. He also told Jaypaul that he is not in a relationship with Queen because he is still trying to know her.

Many would argue that the statement that Whitemoney made shows that Queen is making him feel uncomfortable with relating to other girls. Although he told Jackie B that he would like take her out after the show, there is still no relationship between them and this should make Queen feel relaxed.

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