Possible reasons why Miyetti Allah decided to send the pastoralists to the US for ranching training.

The long arm of the law is greater than any individual, people, position or tribe. The long contested issue of herdsmen's activities, like killing, maiming, raping, kidnapping, destruction of properties, etc is gradually coming to an end.

The leadership of Miyetti Allah, after many years of lawlessness and nonchalant attitude, is gradually coming back to their senses. The Southern States declaration in Asaba has destroyed all the fabrics, materials, support from high places, lawlessness of the killer herdsmen activities, and their leadership insensitivity towards human rights, life and properties. The killer herdsmen's activities wouldn't have ended if they were followed by sentiments, irrelevant sympathy, and kid gloves. After the Asaba declaration, the insensitive people of the Miyetti Allah's leadership insisted that they would continue their onslaught on the South, because Nigeria belongs to them.


When they saw that the South was not joking around with the enactment of the anti-open grazing bill, a few days ago, they resorted to begging President Buhari and the National Assembly to intervene, and persuade the South to drop the already enacted bills, and allow them to continue to kill, rape, destroy properties in farms in the name of rearing cow business. Citing being unable to grow cows at a high cost should open grazing be suspended, they also maintained that the open grazing ban would bring poverty, hunger, and loss to the pastoralists. And declared the bill satanic.

All their suggestions were on how it would not benefit them, but the Miyetti Allah's leadership was not careful to look into the plights of thousands of people in the South, who are suffering and dying because of their evil business. I think that they have been rightly advised that President Buhari could not help them, and even the National Assembly couldn't do any magic for them. They can now reason with their two senses. They have now agreed to send pastoralists to the US next year in 2022 for ranching training and empowerment. The Miyetti Allah's plan to travel to the US has been on hold lately after they left thousands homeless, many motherless, fatherless, and killed.

Why did it take them this long time to think clearly for once? This action by the Southern States has proved that we can achieve progress in Nigeria when we use the law at our disposal, without waiting for the FG to solve many problems that they may not be ready to address. The best form of government is democracy, which is governed by the rules of law. The Miyetti Allah's submission to the people's authority means that nobody is above the law, and declares the supremacy of the Constitution.

What do you think was the reason behind the herdsmen's activities that were active until the turn of events recently in Nigeria, especially in the South? Like, share and I am working on this project. Follow us for updates.

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