Popular Herbalist, Ofiafuluagu, Gives Reasons Why Men Who Have Daughters Should Be Grateful To God

A traditional African Religion practitioner, popularly known as Chi Marine Temple Ofiafuluagu, has taken to his Facebook handle to state reasons why men who have female children should be grateful to God.

He said when his father was ill, his two sisters left their job to stay with him. He went on to add that his other sister also left her business to work shifts with her sister in taking care of their father. But None of them, the boys left their business or work to take care of their father.

He stated that men who complain that they have only daughters are being foolish. According to Ofiafuluagu, each girl child is worth three sons, He is of the opinion that having a daughter can prolong one's life. He also stated that daughters will not get into........Advance Reading For More Details....D

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