Painful: My Dad Slept With Me For 18 Years By Making Me Believe How He Truly Loves Me As His Daughter

My name is Edna, and I'd like to introduce myself. I'd want to share with you my father's story about how he persuaded me that a true father's love for his daughter is linked to having something to do with him physically in order to be a good girl.

My earliest memory is of my parents' divorce, which occurred when I was a tiny child. My father then travelled to the United States of America a year later. I was ecstatic when my mother informed me that my father had gone for the United States when I was 11 years old. I continued to tell my friends that my father was in the United States, and I was delighted to share this information with my educator when she inquired about our parents' jobs and whereabouts.

My joy reached new heights when my mother informed me that I would be joining my father in the United States soon. After a few months, I ran across someone who reminded me of someone I had seen a year before. 

My father had returned from the United States to complete a job here, and when he returns, I shall accompany him. My father arranged for me to obtain all of the necessary documents so that I could accompany him to the United States.

These actions on my father's side led me to believe that he does indeed think about me frequently. When we arrived in the United States, he enrolled me in one of the country's most prestigious institutions. My feelings for my father grew stronger, and I was willing to go to any length to ensure him happiness, Yet, as a young woman, I had no idea that having sexual... KKeep Reading For More Details....>>>D

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