Pa Elton's Prophecy Concerning Nigeria In 1986 Means There Is Still Hope For Nigeria

The nation of Nigeria is the most populous in Africa, with an estimated number of 201 million with a 2.6% annual growth rate since 2019.

The numbers do give a hint that Nigeria should be one of the top nations in the world because of its numerical advantage, especially when you compare her with nations like the United States of America (USA) and China, whose population is approximately 300 million and 1.3 billions people respectively.

Taking a walk down history lane, Nigeria gained independence in 1960 but had been a colony under the rule of the Britons from 1914.

However, long before Nigeria gained independence, in 1937, a young missionary - Sydney Granville Elton - who felt the burning passion of the Lord, left his home country, England, to come into Nigeria to fulfill his assignment.

History does have it Elton was an instrument used by God to spearhead various kinds of revival in Nigeria and was a father of faith to the ministers of God that were ever raised in Nigeria, the likes of Ayo Babalola, Benson Idahosa, E.A. Adeboye, W.F. Kumuyi e.t.c.

During the latter stages of Elton's life, in 1986, he gave a prophecy concerning Nigeria, in which he said:.. Keep Reading For More Details...>>>>N

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