One Of The Arrested Killers Of Abdulrahim Na'AlIah Loses All He Gets From The Mission To The Customs

Recall that, yesterday, the Kaduna State Police Command announced that two of the three suspected murderers of Captain Abdulrahim Bala Na'AlIah in his residence late last month have been arrested, while the third one remains at large. And the apprehended killers have given their names as: Bashir Muhammad 23, Nasiru Salisu 27, as well as revealed that the name of their colleague who is still on the run as Usmanano.

However, from their confessional statements, they said that after they killed the war aircraft Pilot, they fled with his car which was the real reason they attacked him in the first place. And they took the vehicle to Benin Republic where they sold it for one million naira which they shared among one another. What happened to what one of them, Nasiru, used his share of the blood money to.... Advance Reading For More Details...S

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