One Major Indication That Bola Tinubu May Have Lost Control of The Lagos APC Party Structure

There is no doubt that former Lagos State Governor Bola Ahmed Tinubu has since 2007 been the godfather of Lagos politics. The National Leader of the All Progressives Congress has also been in firm control of the party structure in Lagos and has also been instrumental in APC’s dominance of the state’s political instruments.

He almost unilaterally determines who gets what in the Lagos APC, including the party's governorship ticket, Nationals Assembly and down to the grassroots elections. 

Tinubu's hold on Lagos APC is so strong that anybody he endorsed is as good as the winner in any election.


But it appears that Tinubu may have lost control of the party. Why did I say so? Because there is a strong rebellion against him from a group within the Lagos APC, and the 'rebels' which is called Lagos4Lagos appear to be getting more popular and powerful. Nobody gave Lagos4Lagos a chance at the beginning but recent events have shown that they are a force to be reckoned with. 

In this article, I will highlight one recent event that that indicates the growing powers of the Lagos4Lagos movement and how this might affect Tinubu’s control on party structure and could even derail his presidential ambition....Advance Reading For More Details..t

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