One important lesson Aba traders should learn from the demolition of Ariaria International Market.

Occasionally, people fall into a tragedy because of misinformation and lousiness. Some people meet their woes because they are too sluggish to escape from danger.

This is the dilemma that some Aba vendors in the Ariaria International Market are passing through now as their marts are now being razed down by excavators and bulldozers.

A trader who refused to disclose his name in a brief interview divulged that the ongoing demolition of stores in the Ariaria International Market was a project that the government wanted to execute in the year 2015, in order to drill the waterflood surrounding the Ugwumango region.

According to him, the waterflood have always been a major concern for the government because the waterflood stalls the free flow of marketing services in Ariaria.

He revealed that the government at that time also gave the vendors a warning to vacate the surveyed region and to evacuate their goods from the affected areas, but surprisingly the vendors were unable to evacuate due to misinformation and false assurance that such an event can not possibly happen.

But I think that it has now dawned to them that a stitch in time saves nine. And it is important to make hay while the sun shines. Because such incident also occurred to vendors staying at Enyimba market alongside the Enugu/ph express road.

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