Nigerians Call out Buhari for Hiring Crowd to Support him in New York

The Federal Government has done it again, this time on the shores of the United States, even as President Muhammadu Buhari is in New York to attend the United Nations Economic Summit.

Some African Americans, not many, held out placards as they hoped to show solidarity with Mr. Buhari.

On the placards, the crowd that was clearly bought by the Federal Government denied most things that are reality in Nigeria, like the killing of Christians and the desire for about 50% of people to secede from Nigeria.

This is coming after Yoruba Nation agitators came out en-masse to make their agitations known.

Nigerians on Twitter, have called out Buhari for stooping so low to deceive the world about what is the reality of the Nigerian society.

Tope said, “Shameless people
They are enjoying everything the United States and New York has to offer but they can’t come back to Nigeria to face what we are facing here.”

John said, “The money this gvt wastes tying to force themselves on ppl is foolish oo. Just do the right thing and there won’t be need for all of these madness.”

One feels the people holding placards are not Nigerians.

“They are not Nigerians, they were hired from Malawi to do what they did. The whole world knew what is happening in Nigeria and this is not a matter of placards carrying.”

You can watch Video Through Link below:

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