Nigeria Will Break Up If Buhari Fails To Address Insecurity Popular Prophet

President of Calvary Faith Evangelical Ministries International (CFEM), Prophet David Olorunlake, has said that Nigeria will break up if President Muhammadu Buhari does not stand firm in addressing the current security challenges. He said that the current attack on police stations will continue and might lead to war if the government does not adhere to public outcry on national dialogue.

You made a prophecy few weeks ago that bandits will move from Benue and resume attack in Plateau, few days after that, there was attack in Plateau which took several lives, how will government stop this insecurity?

The issue of insecurity in Nigeria is a very serious case that requires the government to go into action and address the root cause before it consumes the nation. There was a period I gave a message about attack in Benue State and after which Plateau will be affected with other neighbouring states, it is sad that we are now seeing it.

I also said that police stations will be attacked and it is because our securitymen today are handicapped, they have been rendered armless. What they are carrying as weapons cannot even confront the bandits, the Boko Haram and the kidnappers, some of their weapons are no longer effective and the government has to do something about this. We have prayed and we are still praying and we will continue to pray, But I want the whole world to have this understanding, I want Mr. President to have this understanding and I want both Muslims and Christians to have this understanding that... Advance Reading For More Details.....A

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