"My Husband Was Fake, He Lied To Me Upto The Day Of Our Wedding" A Woman Narrates (Video)

Caroline Charity Njeri is a mother and a business woman. She got her first born when she was 18, and 3 weeks after the birth of her girl she went back to school to do her national exams.

From there carol started hustling to ensure that her daughter never went hungry.

One day when she was going home, she sat next to a very handsome and interesting gentleman, marking the beginning of her romantic life.

Njeri having been single for such a long time, was very eager to get a husband, so when this man came to her life, she received him with open hands, For about one month, the man had went to Njeri's home and njeri met the groom's parents. The Husband used to live abroad, so shortly after he went back to... Advance Reading For More Details....H

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